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August 22, 2009

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

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Many Americans and even some of the media are now coming to the realization that the change we were all waiting for with the new President and his Administration may not be the silver lining to our otherwise cloudy problems. As a matter of fact with the rapid pace of legislation being rushed through the congressional committees and being signed by the President you would think we were operating on borrowed time as a Nation. And we may very well be….


I really wanted to know what the President talked about when he spoke with his supporters so I managed to get myself invited on a conference call between the President and his loyal supporters and what I heard was at least interesting and at most revealing. While most of the call was more rhetoric of the political nature there were moments of great revelation. I personally think that most of what is thought by the current Administration can be found in the language that is used. Language can be very revealing even when a person is trying to hide from the audience what the true nature of the speech is to involve. A little like a magician. Watch closely and you can generally figure out the trick.


As I listened on this call to people extolling the virtues and contributions our President has made to our society I was amazed at the light and giddy mood. I even found myself laughing once or twice, (laughter is infectious even when you find the laughter inappropriate for the circumstances.) Here we are facing some of the toughest challenges we have ever faced as a nation and our President and his cronies are light and gay and laughing about the misinformation that FOX News is giving out. Fox News being the scapegoat for all the ills in the US right now evidently.  When the chanting of “Yes We Can!” came echoing through the phone lines it was like there was a fire on the line. It felt a little like an arrival of some rock star with all of the faithful cheering their band on, but then again I suppose for some the feeling is exactly like that. The young, hip President is a rock star to them.


But let me address how the President was introduced, it was mentioned by the speaker who had the honor to introduce the President, that the country was indeed ready for health care reform right now. Which polls clearly indicate is not true, and that “we were ready for this President even though many said we weren’t”. The odd thing was that the emphasis was on the word THIS. I understood this to mean a black President unless there is something really particular other than that fact to make our President so different than all the rest before him that putting him in a space alone would be necessary. So there it is it is actually the side of loyal followers that are playing the race card and doing it even amongst themselves.  I know the President said in a press conference shortly after his inauguration that race was not playing a role in his Administration so when did this begin?


When the President joined the call one of the first things he said was how pleased he was to be with “all my Organizing for America volunteers”. Having this said in the same week where the Presidential Spokesman Robert Gibbs mistakenly referred to Organizing for America by calling them Obama for America, that was an extraordinary admission by the President. Or was that a mistake? It would not be so unusual that the President would have some influence over this group after all they are run by the Democratic National Committee. It is far more interesting that the President insists that he isn’t involved with this group.


It’s the next use of language that set my mind to reeling. The President said and I paraphrase here that we were stewarding in a new time for our country after an “era of selfishness and greed we are ready now to restore a sense of balance” to our economic future. Once again he reiterates his notion of leveling the country and having us all share the wealth, which most of us recognize as the socialists idea of utopia. He also referred to Democrats with the same view as his to be “progressive” members of Congress. I guess there are no “progressive” Republicans in Congress. I see them all as regressive rather progressives but that’s just me. All of this was very interesting and a little strange, after all it’s not every day you have the opportunity to sit in on a call with the President of the United States, but more so it was extraordinary to hear the continued assurances of the President that his legislation will happen. It’s quite clear that those followers on this call see the thousands of Americans standing up and voicing their concerns, as jokes and pawns in some sinister political game instead of as their neighbors, friends, and family.


I conclude with one more observation, the President appears to be playing the fiddle while all around him Rome burns.


June 12, 2009

Guvenator in Escondido

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Guvernator Comes to Escondido

June 12, 2009

12 PM


As the doors opened up to the Center for the Arts in Escondido the union men were allowed to  be seated before any women, the elderly, or women with children.  I knew they were union because they all came wearing their brand new union t-shirts! That was the beginning of an otherwise boring press conference. It was more of the same rhetoric that had the governor sheepishly blaming the citizens for not passing the May propositions. The Governor even seems to think that the “out dated tax structure in CA” is to blame for our current crisis, rather than a spending spree by legislators that continues today.


And he does believe it is a crisis, he even said “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste”. It shows he is getting his lines and rhetoric straight from Rahm Emanuel’s mouth. Guv. Arnold spoke about not being in denial anymore that there is actually a crisis but showed nothing new to report on how he and the legislature plan to fix the crisis at hand. Oh he did talk briefly about selling off California’s assets, after all said the Governor, “The Government is not in the business of real estate. I might add he also said the government wasn’t in the business of building stadiums when asked about State support for a new Charger stadium. While all the time talking about the monies that are committed to the High Speed Rail project which apparently the governor believes is the business the State is in currently.


The agenda was focused on budget saving items such as saving monies on prisons by cost cutting measures that weren’t explained. It is noteworthy that California spends annually $49,000.00 per prisoner. The federal average is $31, 00.00 per inmate. And the governor didn’t qualify that $14,000.00 of that sum per inmate is in healthcare benefits for prisoners. Maybe they will consider letting our inmates be a little less “cared for” than the national average.



When asked if he would be borrowing monies from local governments to fill the coffers of the money grubbing special interest in Sacramento he said only as a last resort. This was prefaced by the fact that he thinks if the voters had passed the propositions dealing with the Spending cap , Sacramento would  have only been able to borrow money twice over  10 years and then would have been forced to pay it back in three years. It is clear that without a voter mandated law those in the Sacramento legislature have no intention of ethical behavior. So they will steal from Peter to pay Paul.


There were a few items which were if not new to his agenda at least more clear, like the fact that he plans to get the Rainy Day Fund and the Spending Cap propositions back on the next ballot. Evidently he didn’t hear us the first time! Then again the Governor believes that the people were sending a big message to “Sacramento”, obviously he feels he is above that “message. I will place my money on the people every time Governor!!!

May 29, 2009

How Do You Measure Success?

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How Do You Measure Success?


When the first Tea Party I planned was considered a success by having 500 people attend I wondered then how I would continue to measure success. Would it be the number of people who came to each event? Would be the number who signed up for email alerts? Or would success be the number who were engaged and educated by the events themselves? As I went into planning my now eighth event I still wasn’t sure what the measure of success was to be. The Tea Parties had been instrumental in defeating the propositions on the May ballot for California and yet we still had so much more to do so were we really successful?


One battle does not measure success but each battle and the outcome of it will. Whether we win this fight or not, we keep fighting. And each battle brings in new reserves, new faces and new enthusiasm. Each new day seems to bring a new challenge created by a government bent on the destruction of a free market economy and a freedom loving people. I awake every morning to news of yet another insane bill hitting committees and going to our floors of Congress. We have no sooner reconciled ourselves to fight on one front when a new campaign opens somewhere else. If it’s not the economy it‘s health care or energy. When will it stop and how will we have measured success when it is all said and done?


As I stood on a busy street corner with my NO ON CAP AND TRADE sign tonight, I wondered if anyone else really cared that this energy bill would cost each American family $3100.00 annually to support. I wondered if anyone except the 20 or so people who showed up to protest with me really concerned themselves enough to read about this Bill or any other or am I just fooling myself into believing I am helping.


And then it happened, the unexpected and totally new…a woman came up to me and said that she was driving home from work when she saw my sign and decided to pull her car into the mall parking lot and come ask what it was all about. She said she knew nothing about Cap and Trade and wanting it explained to her. So I did, and others joined to educate her as well. She took out a mini notebook and started writing these things down and asked where she could find more information on the Bill. I gave her the government websites and additional information that would help her find the links she needed to educate her and her family about the issue.


When I walked away leaving her asking more questions and discussing the issues with the others I realized that this was how I measured success. If one person stops and asks WHY then I have done my job and the Tea Parties have been successful. I know it really isn’t about the events but about the people who are now engaged in a process that they have ignored for so long. It’s about a country that still believes we can do anything if we work together. It‘s about people who still believe being free in all sense of the word is more important than any one vent. It’s about being American and that is how I measure success, by still being an American!

May 27, 2009

Hello world!

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