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May 29, 2009

How Do You Measure Success?

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How Do You Measure Success?


When the first Tea Party I planned was considered a success by having 500 people attend I wondered then how I would continue to measure success. Would it be the number of people who came to each event? Would be the number who signed up for email alerts? Or would success be the number who were engaged and educated by the events themselves? As I went into planning my now eighth event I still wasn’t sure what the measure of success was to be. The Tea Parties had been instrumental in defeating the propositions on the May ballot for California and yet we still had so much more to do so were we really successful?


One battle does not measure success but each battle and the outcome of it will. Whether we win this fight or not, we keep fighting. And each battle brings in new reserves, new faces and new enthusiasm. Each new day seems to bring a new challenge created by a government bent on the destruction of a free market economy and a freedom loving people. I awake every morning to news of yet another insane bill hitting committees and going to our floors of Congress. We have no sooner reconciled ourselves to fight on one front when a new campaign opens somewhere else. If it’s not the economy it‘s health care or energy. When will it stop and how will we have measured success when it is all said and done?


As I stood on a busy street corner with my NO ON CAP AND TRADE sign tonight, I wondered if anyone else really cared that this energy bill would cost each American family $3100.00 annually to support. I wondered if anyone except the 20 or so people who showed up to protest with me really concerned themselves enough to read about this Bill or any other or am I just fooling myself into believing I am helping.


And then it happened, the unexpected and totally new…a woman came up to me and said that she was driving home from work when she saw my sign and decided to pull her car into the mall parking lot and come ask what it was all about. She said she knew nothing about Cap and Trade and wanting it explained to her. So I did, and others joined to educate her as well. She took out a mini notebook and started writing these things down and asked where she could find more information on the Bill. I gave her the government websites and additional information that would help her find the links she needed to educate her and her family about the issue.


When I walked away leaving her asking more questions and discussing the issues with the others I realized that this was how I measured success. If one person stops and asks WHY then I have done my job and the Tea Parties have been successful. I know it really isn’t about the events but about the people who are now engaged in a process that they have ignored for so long. It’s about a country that still believes we can do anything if we work together. It‘s about people who still believe being free in all sense of the word is more important than any one vent. It’s about being American and that is how I measure success, by still being an American!


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