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June 12, 2009

Guvenator in Escondido

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Guvernator Comes to Escondido

June 12, 2009

12 PM


As the doors opened up to the Center for the Arts in Escondido the union men were allowed to  be seated before any women, the elderly, or women with children.  I knew they were union because they all came wearing their brand new union t-shirts! That was the beginning of an otherwise boring press conference. It was more of the same rhetoric that had the governor sheepishly blaming the citizens for not passing the May propositions. The Governor even seems to think that the “out dated tax structure in CA” is to blame for our current crisis, rather than a spending spree by legislators that continues today.


And he does believe it is a crisis, he even said “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste”. It shows he is getting his lines and rhetoric straight from Rahm Emanuel’s mouth. Guv. Arnold spoke about not being in denial anymore that there is actually a crisis but showed nothing new to report on how he and the legislature plan to fix the crisis at hand. Oh he did talk briefly about selling off California’s assets, after all said the Governor, “The Government is not in the business of real estate. I might add he also said the government wasn’t in the business of building stadiums when asked about State support for a new Charger stadium. While all the time talking about the monies that are committed to the High Speed Rail project which apparently the governor believes is the business the State is in currently.


The agenda was focused on budget saving items such as saving monies on prisons by cost cutting measures that weren’t explained. It is noteworthy that California spends annually $49,000.00 per prisoner. The federal average is $31, 00.00 per inmate. And the governor didn’t qualify that $14,000.00 of that sum per inmate is in healthcare benefits for prisoners. Maybe they will consider letting our inmates be a little less “cared for” than the national average.



When asked if he would be borrowing monies from local governments to fill the coffers of the money grubbing special interest in Sacramento he said only as a last resort. This was prefaced by the fact that he thinks if the voters had passed the propositions dealing with the Spending cap , Sacramento would  have only been able to borrow money twice over  10 years and then would have been forced to pay it back in three years. It is clear that without a voter mandated law those in the Sacramento legislature have no intention of ethical behavior. So they will steal from Peter to pay Paul.


There were a few items which were if not new to his agenda at least more clear, like the fact that he plans to get the Rainy Day Fund and the Spending Cap propositions back on the next ballot. Evidently he didn’t hear us the first time! Then again the Governor believes that the people were sending a big message to “Sacramento”, obviously he feels he is above that “message. I will place my money on the people every time Governor!!!


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